A range of factual, thoroughly researched and up-to-date books on over 40 Sexual Health Topics. Many are based on very popular articles written in 1997 (22 of these are still being read online, and sadly I get nothing for it) These articles have been completely rewritten and revamped along with a great deal more information and pctures. We self-publish these books ourselves. You can only buy them from us.

Each book is $10, plus postage and handling. Discounts are available for bulk orders if you run a Sexual Health Program or Adult Store or related Business.

These books are for 18+ people only and contain graphic sexual images, sexual references, and implied violence. Books are available on hard copy or we can customise a disc with your book selections as E-Books. Each disc thoroughly screened with NORTON ANTI-VIRUS.

Books with a * Have been written, but not yet published. We publish books in blocks of 10. The remainder are coming..

  • Altoid Story*
  • Anal Sex*
  • B.D.S.M Explained
  • Bad Sex
  • Beastly Sex (Animal Sex)*
  • Bisexuality Explained
  • Body Art
  • Body Language of Sex
  • Chocolate - Seduction by
  • Clitoris Book, The
  • Condom Book, The
  • Dressed for Sexcess
  • Erotic Fiction Explained
  • Fantasies
  • Female Ejaculation
  • Flirting
  • G-Spot Mysteries
  • Genital Piercing - Female
  • Genital Piercing - Male
  • Hair & Shaving - Yes or No?
  • Lubrication for Her
  • Lubrication for Him
  • Masturbation for Her
  • Masturbation for Him
  • Oral Sex
  • Orgasms Explained
  • Paraphilias
  • Penis Book, The
  • Penis Size - Size Matters*
  • Personal Ads Explained
  • Porn Explained
  • Pornflakes
  • Sex Laws around the World
  • Semen Book, The
  • Sex Toys for Him & Her
  • Sexploitation
  • Sexual Slang Explained
  • Sexual Stimulants
  • Sexy Food
  • Swinging Explained
  • Tantric Sex Explained
  • Viagra Explained
  • Your Choice 1
  • Your Choice 2
  • Your Choice 3
  • Your Choice 4
  • Your Choice 5

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