First Name Books is an Australian home-based hobby business run by a husband-and-wife team. We write and publish books and book CD's.

We also offer a vanity publishing service for authors keen to see their work in print.



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FIRST NAME BOOKS  ( More Products )
Genealogy normally studies family names or surnames. There has never been a book devoted entirely to one word - your name - until now. This is a new genre! Many first name titles are available. This is the first time you can buy a book - all about YOU! These 64-page books are jam-packed with information about YOUR name. Each book provides; "A fascinating insight into the name, history and evolution of a first name" -- Melissa BEE 2005

Each book puts a single first name completely under the microscope. Each name is examined from every possible point of view: history, geography, food, wine, arts, acting, singing, dancing, business names, products, books, authors, songs, flowers, animals, insects, towns, schools, churches, street names and so much more… all with YOUR name.

Each book also has something special the others do not. Each book is unique. These are very special gifts. You cannot buy these books in any shop. Because you buy directly from us and we have minimal overheads, the books are inexpensive. You can buy one book for yourself and another as a gift. The books make brilliant presents. You can arrange to have a book sent to a specific address at a certain time i.e.: a Birthday.

BOOKS - SEXUAL HEALTH   See List of Titles
A large range of Fifty books on Sexual Health topics. Have saved the last 5 titles for requests. Each book only $10. Check the page for more.

BOOK CD's   See List of Titles
First 22 eBooks done. Taking requests for next series.FUNNY FILES Hilarious side-splitting adults-only funnies all collected by type onto a CD. Pop the CD into your drive and an e-book software program pops up. Scroll through a 'book' of cartoons and funny files guaranteed to make you laugh out loud! Each disc is $2 or buy a pack of 15 for $20.

Assorted images and commentary text collected on the Internet between 1998 and 2010 - and many other places. These include Pictures, Photographs, Cartoons, Sounds and Video Files. Contains sexual images, sexual references, and implied violence. Each disc thoroughly screened with NORTON ANTI-VIRUS.


You supply us with the content or manuscript (what you have written) in a digital form, such as a text document, Microsoft Word or Note-Tab. We examine this and tell you if we can edit your work into a logical sequence (into a book). Editing time is capped at 5 hours. Extra editing is $55/hour. Books will contain a minimum of ten pages and a maximum of 60.

You supply us with relevant digital images and photographs. We supply twenty printed books. You own all of the work and the copyright. Any subject matter is acceptable, provided the content does not describe illegal activities in any jurisdiction. Time is capped at six weeks. Cost of this package is $1000.

You supply tapes or voice recordings on CD via registered mail or your notes/diaries in a digital form. We act as ghost-writer and either write your book for you or co-write with you. You own all of the work and the Copyright. We can also publish your book, if the book is 60 pages or less. This service costs $45/hour payable in 10-hour blocks. If the book is larger we can arrange printing and binding.

This outsourced printing cost is payable by the client. Graphic design and purchase of images (and therefore Copyright) are all extra. There is no cap on time limit or cost. We publish as many books as you want.

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